Website design

The focus on maitreDEE was to create a service website for businesses to enhance the customer and business experience.


Compay Name: maitreDEE
Date: Jan 2021

The service offers table services for restaurants and store collection for supermarkets. The client wanted a website in which businesses can order a demo, get in contact and speak with the business owners on how to operate the service.


The client provided some research points on the industry. With this the design focused on:

  • Their competition and what aspects they offer

  • What they don’t offer

  • The service industry

  • Ease of communication

BT Business include a feature that allows users to book a call back for potential customers. This organisation and ability for users to request a call back were essential to our clients business to ensure they didn’t miss a customer.

It became clear to see that this industry focused on information being communicated clearly and providing access for users to get in contact. Our clients had already taken out research on their clients and ensured these websites aligned with their customer needs.

Dines focus on showing how easy it is to use and a focus on communication with two call to actions.


A big focus of the Dines experience is the frictionless experience and how easy their service is to use. The website follows this by being straightforward, easy signs of communications and not overwhelming the user with options with a 4-page menu.


The focus of the design was to make the website very streamlined, easy to navigate and allows users to communicate.

Homepage continued
How the service works

The Design

The focus on the homepage is the call back options, instant chat and access to a demo. The menu Is small to avoid cognitive overload as the average person can only keep 7 (plus or minus 2) items in their working memory.

The rest of the homepage shows features in bitesize elements and the pricing for the service with the CTA for customers to purchase.

Pulling Colors From Existing Brand & Identity

Chrome Yellow







Final Result

Unfortunately, the launch of the maitreDEE website was held back due to COVID-19. The client is happy with the design structure as it focuses on communication and the ease of using the maitreDEE app for all customers.

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