Our Creative Services

Aesthetically pleasing user-centred designs to make your websites, apps etc is easy to use.

UX/UI Process


Understand, rather than simply assume, 
what the problem is. It involves speaking to and spending time with people who are affected by the issues.


Putting together the information created and gathered in the empathise/research stage. What is the problem statement and how does it effect the user?


Time to generate ideas! What creative ways can we solve the problem statement with our research?


It's time to bring the design to life. Viewing the designs from different POV's to narrow get closer to the solution.


Testing the designs to redefine any problems users may have. The focus of this phase is learning and improving the design.

Building From Scratch

Need a website? I can create websites with customized visuals and advanced features.

Website redesign

Change the look and feel of existing sites with new designs, UI changes, features or more.

Maintenance & Updates

Review sites and provide guidance on content, design or functionality. Add pages, make minor adjustments or fix technical issues.

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